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It's your business to do great work for your clients. It's our business to get you paid - fast! The old ways of getting paid make your job harder and steal your valuable time. Waiting for checks in the mail. Calling to follow up on payments not received. Hoping against hope that your client will put your invoice on top of his payment list. All hearken back to a day long past. Sometimes the old and ineffective just needs to be torn down and replaced. That's what we did. We stripped away all the paper, all the confusing numbers, all the penalty laden contracts, and made it simple.

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Attorneys: Guilty of Feeling Guilty.

Attorneys: Guilty of Feeling Guilty. Attorneys are the professionals I’ve found to be most prone to “invoicing guilt”. It’s a term I use to describe the feeling attorneys get when they are about to send an invoice to a client, especially a good ...


The “D” word preceded by the “S” word is the only way to get billing done. “Self-Discipline”! I said it, the “D” word preceded by the “S” word. Why do we hyphenate that word anyway? It’s almost as if ‘self’ doesn’t want anything to do with ...

Hourly Billing or Alternative Fee Arrangements?

Hourly Billing or Alternative Fee Arrangements: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a way to secure payment! There is much talk about alternative fee arrangements (AFA’s) in the legal world today. It seems that clients are pushing for more ...

Knowing WHEN to give away your time.

Knowing WHEN to give away your time.  Save time and money by knowing the best times to give away time. Why discuss giving away time? For attorneys, giving away time is giving away money. Give away too many hours and you’ll damage your practice ...

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