You need to be paid. EasyPayJD makes it easy.




is simplified payment processing with a powerful punch. We don’t just help solo and small practice attorneys process credit cards…We help you get paid on time, every time.


Busy attorneys shouldn’t be asked to digest and fill out onerous forms in order to process client payments. That’s why we simplified the process to a one page, online sign up form. Take two minutes to fill out the form and we will get you approved in 24 hours so you can start taking payments.

Your basic business and personal information is required to start. You will be asked for some sensitive information (social security and bank account) that allows us to verify your identity, prevent fraud, and correctly route payments to your bank accounts. Once approved, you will have access to all our time and money saving tools that accelerate client payments. Your cash flow will thank you!


Let’s face it, clients don’t always pay on time and that causes serious problems for your practice. If you bill on time, you should get paid promptly.

EasyPayJD has the tools you need to ensure payments are prompt.2businessdays-001

The EasyPayJD software empowers you by capturing payment information and holding it securely until you have an approved invoice. Once the invoice is approved (if necessary) you can recall the payment information in our software and process the payment. The funds transfer to your correct bank account (Operating, IOLTA, Trust) in two business days.

Have clients that can’t pay a large balance all at once? Set up an automated recurring payment plan with EasyPayJD. Payment plans also work as automated Evergreen Retainers. Use these when possible to replace checks and unearned money held in trust and IOLTA accounts.

Clients will appreciate you for not tying up their money in no-interest accounts and you have a sure way to get paid.




What does it cost? EasyPayJD charges 3% for transactions under $1000 and 3% plus a $5.00 fee for transactions over $1000. Your costs are fixed and known. There are no other fees. You pay only when you process a transaction – Simple, Fast, and Secure!






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